Accreditations / Quality

Accreditations / Quality

C.F.P. is accredited by Regione Lombardia. Operator ID: 5372/2008 - Organisational ID 9056 to operate in the following sectors:

  • Training and Orientation (Departmental Decree No. 13095 concerning Education, Training and Employment dated 8th September 2005) Registration No. 371, dated 1st August 2008  
  • Employment: Register No. 0064 dated 29th January 2008

The agency is certified to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (EA 37, 38f) by QUASER CERTIFICAZIONI S.r.l. in Milan.

It has complied with the procedures defined in the Quality Manual.
The certification was RENEWED following a review performed by QUASER CERTIFICAZIONI S.r.l. on 15th May 2015.