Service charter and POF

Service charter

Service charter

"From Training to Employment: we build your future and develop our territory"

  • Work to promote young people and workers from a social, cultural and professional point of view through the supply of services in the areas of training, orientation and employment
  • Ensure the quality of the services we provide remains high and consistent at all times, meeting acceptable levels of efficiency and effectiveness
  • Plan and manage activities in line with the Programme Plan approved by the provincial council of Como
  • Plan training courses for DDIF (Duty/Right to Education & Training) students, in line with any changes to the regulations defined by Regione Lombardia, in compliance with training goals defined on a European, national and regional level
  • Plan activities that reflect the training needs of companies and their trade associations to contribute to the development of our territory
  • Plan continuous training courses and employment services aimed at helping young people and unemployed adults to enter and/or return to the work force through participation in specific provincial, regional, national and European programmes
  • Plan initiatives aimed at maintaining employment levels in the area, in collaboration with the provincial authorities and social partners
  • Build a professional future for young people through involving teachers, students and their families in the management of courses/services with the aim of creating a “School community” focused on finding solutions to the educational issues faced by adolescent users
  • Manage orientation activities/services aimed at schools, students and their families in collaboration with the provincial authority’s Training and Education Department
  • Manage training activities/services, conferences, seminars and workshops on behalf of the various sectors within the provincial authority
  • Promote initiatives with European partners to enhance and exchange training/work experiences within the wellness, hotel and catering sectors

The Agency is committed to working with the provincial authorities to enhance/extend the Network of Training Agencies operating within the area.