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The Training, Orientation and Employment Agency (also referred to as Agency) is a Special Company of the Province of Como formed by Resolution No. 97 of the District Council dated 19.12.2006, and has been in operation since 1st January 2008. The Agency, a long-standing organisation working in the field of professional development for more than 45 years, is based in Monte Olimpino. CFP, a state-of-the-art, forward-thinking school, boasts two innovative teaching kitchens (one with a traditional layout and one with individual stations), bar and waiting skills classrooms, a teaching restaurant, pastry kitchens (traditional and modern), a hairdressing classroom, two beauty classrooms, three IT classrooms and 26 multimedia classrooms. It also offers interactive touch-screen whiteboards, a lecture theatre for seminars, new well-equipped external spaces for teaching and recreation, two hydroponic greenhouses for growing food and an educational vegetable garden for zero-mile cultivation.
C.F.P. is accredited by Regione Lombardia and operates in the following sectors: Training and Orientation (Departmental Decree No. 13095 concerning Education, Training and Employment dated 8th September 2005) Employment (Registration No. 0064, dated 29th January 2008).

The agency provides all of the structural and organisational resources needed for the management of initial, continuous and permanent training as well as professional development and retraining for business owners, employees and staff.

Business areas


educating culture, working culture
social aspects and territoriality

Training courses focused on helping young people in compulsory education (DDIF – Right-Duty to Education and Training) gain a professional qualification in the catering/hotel and hairdressing/beauty sectors – training activities aimed at developing knowledge/skills in young people who have gained a professional qualification, diploma and/or degree and for those in search of their first job, including within the IT and foreign language sectors.

employment consultants


Individual or group activities providing educational guidance and support/reorientation services for students experiencing difficulties aimed at preventing early school leaving, especially in the first two years of upper secondary school; C.P.F. works closely with other educational institutes in the area to provide services aimed at verifying and certifying skills acquired by people in search of employment and to match up employment supply and demand with the actual needs of the local employment market.

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educating culture 
working culture, social
aspects and territoriality

The agency works closely with the relevant provincial department for education, training and employment and in collaboration with other agencies within the local area. More specifically: 

  • it offers companies and workers experiencing occupational difficulties all of the services envisaged by the laws in force aimed at supporting employment and the redeployment of personnel
  • it performs activities in support of research and job placements, providing specialist tutors
  • it offers training courses – for sectors within its area of expertise – designed for young people employed under an apprenticeship agreement and business apprentice tutors employed pursuant to Law 196/97, Law 276/03 (Professional Apprenticeship) and Legislative Decree 167/2011
  • it is able to create and manage specific activities for the training, development and retraining of workers, defined in accordance with the businesses and/or their trade associations
  • it works within the province of Como to provide training and development for personnel employed by local authorities

More than 45 years of history


Before 1972, CFP was an ENALC (an Italian national institute for the training of trade workers) vocational training centre, which mainly focused on training courses for apprentices. ENALC also managed the International Hotel School at the Ho...

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Daytime courses offered included shorthand typing (one-year course) and shorthand secretarial skills (two-year course). The following even...

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New branches opened in Oggiono, Porlezza, Canzo and Olgiate and, the following year, the centre in Merate. CFP ran about thirty training c...

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ECAP ceased operating in Como, so CFP took on the employees from CGIL’s training organisation and also inherited its training courses ...

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The regional authorities delegated the planning and management of CFP’s training activities, together with the headquarters located in V...

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Two important qualifications were introduced to develop the range of courses offered for the hotel and catering industry, namely foundatio...

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CFP ran 31 courses consisting of 19 two-year evening courses leading to professional qualifications for beauty therapists, hairdressers, a...

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The headquarters were fully renovated thanks to considerable regional funding awarded to upgrade the building, with the regional authority...

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The great administrative revolution. With the implementation of the delegation process, already defined in the provisions of Regional Law ...

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At this time, CFP was offering thirteen vocational daytime courses for beauty therapists, hairdressers, assistant chefs, bar and waiting s...

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